Wallpaper January 2015

Wallpaper January 2015

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping this finds you in fine form following a wonderful holiday season, ready to embrace all the good things that 2015 has in store for you.

Last month’s image was indeed taken at Ed Huck Marine as Mike Soulliere correctly pointed out and illustrates perfectly my secret to photography - “Just show up.” Headed to Gananoque at dawn for a shoot with 1000 Islands Helicopters, I noticed the sun trying to bore a hole in the fog around Rockport, so I dodged off the Parkway for a quick detour to be rewarded with this scene.

Wallpaper December 2015

Two forays in the helicopter that morning resulted in nothing worthwhile as the fog tenaciously clung to the River, but in this two minute detour, by just showing up, I got a “keeper,” something that doesn’t happen very often.

This month’s image was also taken on a misty day, though several years ago and from my plane, not a helicopter. While working on a new project, I came across it buried deep in my library. While I’ve never published it before, this image was used for the cover of a 2012 reprint of Henry Beston’s classic 1942 book, the ST. LAWRENCE. As usual, I’d welcome any stories you may care to share that this part of the River elicits.

This is the time of year when many are strategizing summer holidays. If you haven’t made any plans yet, I hope you’ll forgive me for taking the opportunity to mention that we have two properties available for your consideration. One is a three-bedroom cottage on a particularly beautiful cove on the Canadian side of the River, the view from which has been featured in these wallpapers and on my Facebook page in the past. The other is our tiny “chateau” in the south of France. Despite the spring-through-fall period being prime time in Provence, we simply can’t be anywhere else but at the island, so our 500-year-old home in a very different, but similarly extraordinary, region awaits.

Lastly, if you can get the Canadian show “My Retreat” on Cottage Life TV, tune in on Tuesday, January 6th at 10:00 PM for a visit to Joe Brennan and Danny Greenglass’ fabulous Shanty Island.

Wallpaper January 2015

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I love all your photographs. I have a signed book by you!!! Thank you !! You make my heart feel full of love and remembrance..

Catherine Vivers posted on: Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hi Ian, Thanks for the photo. My best guess is we are looking east at the Canadian span with whirlepool appearing just below and the camp site just to the north.All the best for 2015 and your new project in France. I saw you on Cottage Life's "My Retreat" recently. A fine interview,Dave

David Fownes posted on: Monday, January 05, 2015

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