I am a retired teacher and grandfather living in Kingston and interested in renting your cottage for a week or two in the summer, for myself and young grandchildren.

oswald ricketts, kingston

Excellent photos, we love all of them. Very nice people too.

Habers, Geert, S├ęguret, France

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to visit this area every weekend in the summers. It is my comfort place. Always able to see a new place or setting

Bill Lombard Jr, Rochesgter NY

Beautiful pictures! I wish they were available in a wall calendar.

Christopher Lyttle, Homewood, Illinois

I love every bit of news/history I can get about the Thousand Islands! I live in So. California and have never lived near a river. Two years ago I visited the area with a daughter and her niece. we visited Boldt and Singer castles. It was a highlight of my life! I have two of your books of incredible photographs, they are in display always! Keep that camera going, please.

Connie Teffeteller, Canyon Country, CA

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