1000 Islands Wallpaper December 2016

1000 Islands Wallpaper December 2016

I guess I should stop using the same old excuse for not getting out the November wallpaper and simply acknowledge that from here on in, wallpaper images will begin with December’s. November 1st, as usual, found us in France, making my camera happy with that very different landscape.

Mike Cox of Creative Information Solutions, Lyne and to a lesser extent myself, have spent many months updating the website with an entirely new format, and many new images. It initially might be a little slow, but if you love the 1000 Islands, I'm sure you’ll enjoy spending some time browsing through it and discovering many new views of our favorite place, plus a few of France (Portfolio-Places-France), another place that is close to Lyne’s and my heart.

It’s always challenging picking images as I have quite a few and I'm particularly pleased with some of the new ones from this summer. I’ll share a few over the coming months, beginning with this one. If you can identify where it was taken and share a caption or a brief story about this part of the River, please do.

I’m guessing that with Thanksgiving having passed and Christmas approaching, Santa might need some ideas. My latest book, Volume VII (Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands - $40) showcases my favorite images from 20 years of shooting and a library of well over 50,000 images. I also have a few Volume II (Water, Wind and Sky - $40) and Volume V (The very best of… - $40) remaining. All prices include our tri-fold Discovery Map and shipping.

Volumes I, III and IV sold out long ago in shops, however I did hoard a very few of each. As I frequently get requests from people wanting to “complete the collection,” I decided to make them available. Volume I has sold for as much as $400, so I hope you’ll forgive me for asking $200 for the few that remain. Volume III is $75 and IV $40. Giclée prints, suitable for framing, are also available on the website, or for those of you close enough, at the Coristine Gallery at Brockville’s Tall Ships Landing, next to the Aquatarium.

Stocking stuffers are easily solved for iPad (only) owners. Our interactive eBook “One in a Thousand" documents many of the crazy adventures I’ve lived on the River (and a few elsewhere). It costs $8.99 from Apple and comes with hundreds of images, video and music to support the (true) story. We're pretty proud that it has garnered high praise and 5-star ratings in the US and Canada, plus won two international MarCom Awards. You can buy it or gift it at the iTunes Store or if you don't have an iPad and are curious, get an overview of it here.

May I also remind you that with December 6th being the deadline, just a few days remain to submit images for TI Life’s 5th Annual Photo Contest. We're hoping you'll help raise the bar again this year by submitting your 3 best photos that celebrate our favorite place. Think of them as we do - A Christmas gift to the community. Send them to TI Life’s editor, Susie Smith.

A further word on France. Lyne and I are deeply enamored with that country, so much so that we purchased a tiny 500-year-old "pied à terre" in the south which is available (very affordably) for rental when we aren’t there. If you think it might be of interest, check it out: Petitemaisondecharme.com. If you click on “What’s Nearby,” you’ll have an opportunity to explore the neighborhood. We're pretty well located, with lots of amazing sights very nearby and Switzerland, Italy and Spain within a few hours drive. We also have a cottage on the River at the entry to Jones Creek National Park available for summer vacation rentals. Email Lyne for details..


Ian Coristine

1000 Islands Wallpaper December 2016

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