Wallpaper April 2006

Wallpaper April 2006

Fellow 1000 Islanders,

Not many picked up on last month’s image, however I suspect a number of you will recognize it immediately when I tell you it’s just upstream from the Canadian Span, the islands off Ivy Lea.


Michael Ryan described it best:

“This month's photo brings me back to my favourite hobby, scuba diving. The island in the forefront of the photo is Lyndock or Ash Island, this island appears on charts by either name and I think Ash Island is the more current name. Below the surface and in about 100 feet of water there is a belly dumper barge from the 1900's that I hear was used during the construction of the 1000 Island Bridge to Hill Island. Heading west along the south shore of the island the rock cut drops off very sharply and makes for some excellent photography from the bottom looking up. The tip of the island in the bottom left, Wood Island has some awesome diving off the tip that you can see in this photo. That tip is a shear drop-off to 135 feet with some pretty good current in two different directions. Down here you can find two old very large antique anchors, very advanced dive but a real nice interesting dive. In the background is the Ivy Lea Marina.”

Michael included with his response several interesting underwater photos, which make the point that interest and beauty is found everywhere here, including right in the river as well as on it and above it. Many thanks Michael. I hope you’ll enjoy the set of three 1000 Islands posters that are headed your way.

With the date of this mailing being the first of April, I thought it appropriate to share a different sort of scene this month. It illustrates a problem common to many islanders, including me. There’s never quite enough dock space.

A set of 1000 Islands prints awaits the person who can identify the location and best describe the scene.



P.S. DxO Labs in Paris, France asked me to participate in a program that promotes their highly capable camera and lens correction software to professional photographers around the world. I was happy to do so, because beyond being a believer in their product, it allowed me the opportunity to share the beauty of our favorite place with a much wider audience. If you are interested, they have a gallery of selected images from “Water, Wind and Sky” at http://www.dxo.com/en/photo/image_masters. Simply click on my name to get to the images and at the same time, marvel at the power and sophistication of the digital age when you move the cursor across the images. Page Medi

Wallpaper April 2006

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