Wallpaper February 2019

Wallpaper February 2019

One of the primary objectives with every one of my books has been to show how much beauty there is in the 1000 Islands. My plane had given me a privileged view of what is essentially an exquisite labyrinth, best understood and appreciated from above where the next shoreline isn’t hiding the view beyond.

This is why every book includes detailed maps using page numbers and coordinates to reveal where every picture was taken, from the lake to Brockville/Morristown, not just the tourism icons. To give a greater appreciation of ALL that is here.

Everyone who enjoys the River typically knows well a radius of a few miles from the dock and perhaps routes to friends’ cottages, marinas or restaurants. But to know it all is next to impossible. There are a couple of hundred square miles of islands with thousands of miles of coastline squeezed into the first 50 miles of River.

This was reenforced years ago when I was showing my first book to arguably the most seasoned tour boat Captain on the River. I took it as a great compliment when he paused at a particular page and asked enthusiastically; “Where’s that?”

For many years these wallpapers served as a contest, challenging viewers to identify where the pictures were taken. I expect those who spend time in this area will quickly recognize it, but I also suspect that a great many others won’t have a clue. And that’s a good thing. It’s one of the amazing differences between the River and typical lakes. Even with reasonably large lakes, how many times can you circle one before you get to know it pretty well?

That cannot be said about the 1000 Islands. Even with the benefit of years of flying my floatplane plus extensive boating, there’s no way I can say I know it all intimately. This, with the rugged granite and pine beauty of the Frontenac Arch, is the primary reason it resonated so strongly with me when I first stumbled across it on that life changing flight 27 years ago. I haven’t been here for a lifetime, but it has been 27 years and I’m still discovering more. How great is that?

So, in the interest of sharing lesser known locations, please comment below if you know where this is and feel free to add any interesting stories you may know about this part of the River.


Ian Coristine

Wallpaper February 2019

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P.S. We have a cozy cottage for sale on the River at the mouth of Jones Creek. If you have an interest in it or know someone who might, email me for a 16-page PDF that will give detailed information.

We also have an exquisite little getaway in Provence, France available for vacation rentals. If you'd like to explore it and that corner of France, (it's just as compelling as the River, but in a very different way), there are many images on the "What's Nearby" page. Keep clicking on "Show More" to see all. If you'd like to explore the Jones Creek area, click here.

At the risk of making this seem like a classified, but knowing it will find a happy home on the River, I will mention we also have a low hours 2005 Rinker 232 Captiva Cuddy for sale with trailer. Please email me for details.

Cottage for sale on the river

Cottage for sale on the River

Vacation rental in Provence

Vacation rental in Provence

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