Wallpaper December 2013

Wallpaper December 2013

Last month's image, taken in mid-October, was indeed Raleigh Island as a number of people correctly identified. This month's image, taken a little over a month later, shows how quickly and dramatically the River changes in late fall as Christmas approaches.

While most islands are naturally decorated with traditional pines, here at Jones Creek, Toniata Island's natural Christmas tree is this solitary willow, created as a by product of a treasure hunt that took place here in 1908. True story, told here if you're interested. I have plenty of pictures of it in all seasons, but I think this one, taken on November 26th after winter's first storm, with ornamental decoration provided by Mother Nature is the most appropriate. 

This month's posting also serves as the final call to submit your 3 top images for TI Life Magazine's 2nd annual Christmas photo contest, which closes on December 8th. Whether you take pictures for fun or for a career, please don't be shy. We'd like to celebrate the beauty of this place through your eyes.

Gold, silver and bronze certificates will be presented, and Susie Smith will showcase the winners as well as all "honorable mentions" in the December issue of TI Life Magazine. The intention has always been that these serve as Christmas gifts to the community, from the community.

My apologies for mentioning commercial matters, but every December I get a flurry of orders for books and prints. In-time delivery late in the month is always a challenge. Books aren't too bad because they are shipped from Canada or the US as appropriate, but the prints are shipped from Canada and cross-border Christmas packages are far slower. If prints happen to be on your list, please do us both a favor and order them immediately. If time does run out, you can always "Gift this App" to iPad owners by clicking on the down arrow beside the $8.99 button to give One in a Thousand as a last minute gift. Our eBook has as many images as all my print books combined, as well as video, music from Great Lake Swimmers, an interactive map and much more.

Beginning this month, the wallpapers are on offer in higher resolution to better support large monitors and Retina displays. Please don't be shy to share any interesting lore or stories you may have about Christmas on the River or this portion of it.

Merry Christmas and enjoy a wonderful holiday season,

Ian Coristine

Wallpaper December 2013

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How beautiful, crisp and refreshing can it get? Makes me want to go ice skating! How much fun are we allowed to have?

posted on: Sunday, December 01, 2013

Ian once again you manage to capture not only the beauty of the river but the very nature of its ever changing mantle. Cheers and Merry Christmas! Thornley & Susan

Thornley Stoker Tremont Island Summer, Kingston Wi posted on: Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thx IanJust Beautiful, I can just imagine looking out at the island from your deck.Merry Christmas.

Nancy Harbec posted on: Monday, December 02, 2013

Not in the Lake Fleet! But, lovely. Too, I have had a hankering for a long time to winter-over on Axeman. Started to get serious about it a year ago last year. Alas- local 'committee' from our side of the river immediately suggested ... "Bad Idea". Think some folks caring about me genuinely did think ... a bad idea. Looking at the seascape in winter you share, I'm sticking with my dream! I went north to the river in 1996- early Feb. I did my homework. It had been extremely cold for weeks. It was cold and from T.I. Park traveling by ice boat to Axeman through the cut between Wellesley and ... what is that island which used to have a post office ... there to the south-east of Eel Bay? ... well, it was all the way ... ice. All across the wide expanse of Eel Bay and the equally wide expanse of the Canadian Main Channel there between Grindstone and the Lake Fleet string of islands below Niagara. Ice only. I saw no open water that weekend other than under the (U.S.) bridge - a moderate sized 'pond' - when going over to the Park to pick up the ice boat. I loved it. Sun seemed to really never come up and surely had set by 3:30, seems. Saw "coy" dog tracks on the ice and a pileated woodpecker in flight. Took a picture of everyone's cabin- from THE RIVER! No one knew I was going and no one had been to Axeman of our current generation and so receiving a very first picture of your cabin in the winter cloaked in snow, was a surprise which I enjoyed creating. I loved the whole thing. Without a local home base and a local guide, I wouldn't ever have been able to have my adventure.

Jack Patterson, Axeman Island posted on: Thursday, December 05, 2013

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