Wallpaper December 2005

Wallpaper December 2005

Fellow 1000 Islanders,

Several of you have missed your calling. You should have been detectives. I’m referring to those of you who picked up on the fact that there are two buoys in this shot, both a red and green one and as you cleverly pointed out, seldom do they sit close enough to each other to show up in the same picture. Having an island between them narrows the search further.

Receiving numerous interesting answers makes choosing a winner a very difficult job, but I think you’ll agree with me that the rightful winner this month is Patricia Mondore whose answer is not only interesting but whose knowledge about the place is unsurpassed. In fact, she and her husband Bob, actually wrote the book on the subject! The book is a little long to reprint here as her entire answer but you can get a copy of “Singer Castle” at: http://gold-mountain.com/SingerCastle.html.

Last Month

"Mystery hangs heavily over this Thousand Island Castle. This element was helped in no little degree by the situation of Dark Island itself. Its name was appropriate. For as one approached it either from up or down the St. Lawrence, it always seemed a darkling hulk against the background of the sunlit River. But now it wears a different face. For piled up on the centre of the rocky ridge forming the backdrop of the island stands..... the Castle."

  • New York Times, September 10, 1905

    The island was originally referred to as "Lone Star Island." However, when the early navigators began charting the St. Lawrence Seaway it was given the mysterious name of Dark Island most likely because this high, ancient granite mountain peak in the middle of the River looked so dark with its masses of pine trees.*
  • Quote from "Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries" video.

    Well done, Patty. Not just your answer, but your entire book which I found fascinating.

    I thought I’d share with you all a winter image this month as a kind of wallpaper Christmas card. Please remember that we’re looking for interesting anecdotes as well as the location in your answers. A set of six, 1000 Islands prints awaits the winner.
    A seasonal thought. If you’re having trouble with your Christmas list and think a personalized and signed copy of my new book about our favorite place, “Water, Wind and Sky” might help, please let me (irc@1000islandsphotoart.com) or Scott (scott@marina.ca) know as soon as possible as the mail gets pretty slow mid way through December.
    I’m pleased to say that thanks to your support, the book recently hit bestseller status in Canada, despite only being available in a very small area. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. A great many people care very deeply about this very special place.

    Best wishes for the holiday season and a very Happy New Year to all,

    Ian Coristine

Wallpaper December 2005

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