Wallpaper November 2007

Wallpaper November 2007

Another summer on the River has come to a close - reluctantly, as summer’s warmth lingered far later than in years past. It’s always difficult being away but as last winter, I’ve left the Internet Camera running (click on “CAM” in the menu bar) so that you can visit the River anytime you wish during daylight hours. Hopefully, no gremlins will get in the way and it will run flawlessly until spring.

Last spring I left you pondering this image of a place very dear to my heart. Coincidentally, the view overlaps the Internet CAM's, aiming slightly more to the south. It is a spot I affectionately call “the dining room” as that’s its primary function when weather allows. In sharing this image, I hadn’t expected any correct IDs except from friends and visitors who know it well and therefore could not be counted, yet amazingly Bill Stock of Glen Cove, NY who has never been on the island was right on the money with this response:

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“I believe it is a shot taken from the Canadian side of the river looking upriver towards Dark Island. The islands in the middle are Ingall, Robinson, Big, etc. and they are between the American and Canadian Channels. The island in the foreground on the right hand side is Princess and not visible behind it is the entrance to Jones Creek. The points of land past Princess Island are Whitney and Sifton Points. The photo most likely was taken from your island, Raleigh. I have been coming to the Thousand Islands to go fishing since I was a teenager, which means I have been coming every summer for more than 40 years. I always used to stay in Alexandria Bay. I remember that by 9PM you could literally lie down in the middle of the road and not be run over by a car till the next morning in the middle of the summer. We used to eat every night in a local restaurant run by a Greek fellow by the name of Pete Schortis. His place stayed open late in the summer and was frequented by many of the local fishing guides. From hanging around the guides we obtained a lot of really good fishing information, much of which we didn’t know was good until many years later when we realized these guys were telling us the truth. One of the areas the guides told us to try was upriver past Chippewa Point across from Blind Bay on the Canadian side. The guides always told us to make sure we had our Canadian licenses or run the risk of having the boat impounded and being fined. Back then we had an old rickety boat with a small outboard and it took us nearly an hour to get to these islands. But boy was it worth the trip as the fishing was fantastic. One time while fishing off Sifton Point, the rod doubled over and while reeling in a fish we didn’t even notice the small unmarked green canoe that paddled up alongside side of us. The guy in the canoe, who looked like a local fisherman, asked how the fishing was and identified himself. I looked over and noticed he was carrying a large revolver. To make a long story short I’m glad we took the guides’ advice about both the fishing and the importance of getting a Canadian license. We showed him our paperwork and the fish we had on board which were all legal. He was on his way and we were back to catching more fish. I still fish these islands today although they are not as prolific as in the past. It’s still a lot of fun and the view looking down the channel reminded me of the long trip we would have to make against the west wind to get back to Alex Bay in those days.”

Well done Bill, and a great story. A set of 6 prints is on its way. I’ve had several requests for prints of this particular image and perhaps with Christmas looming I should mention that this scene and any other under Albums or Neighborhoods are available as 13 x 19 or 24 x 35 inch giclée prints intended for framing. If you find one you’d like for yourself or as a gift for a friend or neighbor, simply click on the tiny shopping cart icon at the bottom left of the image or email me using the email icon beside it that will send me (or anyone else) a link to the image you or they might be interested in.

You will find a number of new images and postings throughout the site, with the main updates listed (as always) at the bottom of the Home page, one of which points to a feature article in the current issue of Lakeland Boating Magazine which you might enjoy should you see it in the stands.  If you miss it there, it's also posted under "Media", one of the buttons below the main window.

I’m curious to see how many people might be able to identify this month’s 1000 Islands “wallpaper” scene.  As usual if you know it, please take a moment to share any stories you may have about this area to keep the local lore coming. A set of six 8x10 prints awaits the most interesting response.

Wallpaper November 2007

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