Wallpaper November 2004

Wallpaper November 2004

Fellow 1000 Islanders,

Mother Nature won. She always does. My rustic 1917 cottage is simple yet comfortable - until it gets cold. With only a woodstove for warmth and a limited supply of firewood on the island that needs hoarding for spring, it was time to leave.

Fall on the river is always wonderful as the water holds onto the summer's warmth - for awhile. This fall was even better than usual as we received payback in full for an iffy start to the summer, weather wise. So now like you, I need to get through a winter of withdrawal while the countdown to get back begins.

It has been a very busy summer as I’ve been shooting images for a second book that I’m working on with the help of my friend (1000 Islands historical writer) Paul Malo. I’ve archived some 6,000 shots this season and that sets us up well for our monthly computer wallpaper images.

Last Month

As with the last two years, these emails will continue as a contest. To win, you’ll need to do two things. Identify the subject and then write an interesting “caption” about the subject or the surrounding area that will help us all learn a little more about our special place. I’ll share the most interesting caption with you next month and send out a set of three 1000 Islands photo/art posters to the winner.

Bud Andress, who works with the National Park is our winner from last spring’s scene, another view of which appeared on page 40 of my book:

“Lovely shot of a pair of Canada geese framed looking southwest past Isle 90 and its floating dock. A couple of things are interesting about this picture in this location. First, the base of the tree in the foreground on the adjacent island leans out off the shore and overhangs the water. There is an early 19th C. sketch showing some Indians camping among the 1000 Islands of which our Park library has a slide image. In this sketch, I always thought the trees did not look very "local" but rather more European in the artistry. However, this particular tree, when observed from a trip over the rainbow span of the 1000 Islands Bridge looks exactly like one of the trees in the sketch I've mentioned. In fact, it looks like the exact group of islands with the exact or similar tree overhanging the water! The second interesting point to ponder is what it may have been like when a ship was lost in the "Lost Channel" so very near this photo. One glimpse of the pursuit may have been possible past Isle 90 as a British launch in 1760 disappeared chasing some French and Indian attackers.”

Thanks Bud for so perfectly illustrating how much we can learn about our river with your interesting caption. Your posters are on their way.

And so on to the next…

If you’d like a different 1000 Islands diversion and have a Canadian Bell ExpressVu dish, you might enjoy the Fine Living Channel’s show “Your Private Island - Raleigh Island”. Both Ed Huck Marine and myself helped them put this show together trying to ensure that they would get a 'proper' 1000 Islands experience.


Ian Coristine

Wallpaper November 2004

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Thanks for helping me with my addiction!

Julia Hepworth posted on: Tuesday, March 03, 2009

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One afternoon at a book signing, a lady shared with me a profound statement. "The River chooses some". Those of us who were chosen, spend winters longing to get back. To help my winter longings and yours too, each winter month I enjoy sharing a computer screensaver image to help infuse a little summer warmth into your day. I also outline the latest additions to ThousandIslandsLife.com online magazine. If you would like to receive these images and updates, please add your email address to the notification list using the form below. It will not be shared elsewhere.