Wallpaper April 2018

Wallpaper April 2018

Last month I shared with you a night scene taken from our “dining room.” For this month, I’ll share a daytime view, taken last summer.

I had never before seen a “shelf cloud,” but there it was, looming larger than life. At the time, I posted the picture on my Facebook page with a caption that still serves: “This would appear to be one of those moments when the only realistic option is to bend over as far as you can and kiss your ass goodbye.”

Fortunately, the island and I escaped unscathed though others may not have been so fortunate. I’m going with another dining room view this month to illustrate the River’s countless moods. Just set a camera up, and the view will forever change in front of the lens.

Further to the theme, several years ago I installed an Internet camera at the island, capturing the daily view for over a year. The video “A Thousand Moods” was the result, presenting the seasons most islanders never see.

Back to this month’s picture. Rather than Googling information about shelf clouds, I thought I’d turn to one of the subscribers of these postings who is the expert on such things. River artist Phil (the Forecaster) Chadwick is a former severe weather specialist for Environment Canada. Here’s Phil’s explanation:

“Warm and moist air blanketing the St Lawrence is supplying the energy to this line of thunderstorms which will usher in cooler and drier air in from the northwest. Rising warm and moist air is lifted by the cold downdraft from the heavy rain of the thunderstorm. A strong circular signature shows it is stronger than average. The wedge of cold air has not yet reached Raleigh Island, but gusty southwesterly winds soon will. Be prepared for wind, heavy rain and lightning.”

If this scene prompts River stories or memories, please share them below.

As always, I’ll remind you that we have our winter home at the mouth of Jones Creek (1000 Islands National Park) available as a summer vacation rental on the River, as well as our exquisite little getaway in Provence, France. If you'd like to explore that area a bit, there are 25 new images on the "What's Nearby" page.


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Wallpaper April 2018

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