Wallpaper April 2005

Wallpaper April 2005

Fellow 1000 Islanders,

You would think that George Boldt’s showplace farm on Wellesley Island would be easily recognized, but apparently it’s not. While I think many are aware that it exists, they might never have seen it, or if they have, not known the connection. Next time you’re headed into Lake of the Isles from the eastern end, take a look to your left, just before you get to the narrows. You’ll see the barn up on the hill, alongside the Thousand Islands Country Club’s Lake Course.

Last Month

I must admit that I never knew where it was until my friend Paul Malo (who has written three 1000 Islands historical books well worth reading ) pointed it out to me a couple of years ago. John MacDaniel knew it was there though, and he’s this month’s winner for having sent in this story:

“I'm no Phil Mickelson, but I am left handed. When you tee off on the 16th hole, unless you lay up or you hook the ball to the left, your shot ends up in or next to the barn in the rough. Smart golfers lay up. I usually pick up my ball and take a 10.

An interesting story about this particular area. We went for a walk this past fall around the course. That whole area was once owned by George Boldt. They raised vegetables and poultry for the Waldorf and other big hotels here and in New York and Philadelphia. There are numerous canals that he built to facilitate movement of goods across the island. There’s also the foundation of an old water tower up on a hill near the course and several old fire hydrants. Jack Webb of Webb lumber fame, bought the Thousand Islands Club and all that land that is now the Lake course in the 80's. He proceeded to log off all the virgin oak and timber that was on the island and sold it for more than what he paid for the property. He built the lake course and developed building lots around the course. He envisioned homeowners buying golf carts and driving their carts to the club house and to their boats at the marina at the TI Club.

There are also some huge tree trunks (approximately eight feet in diameter) piled up off to the side near one of the holes on the back nine of this course. They are really worth seeing. They are bigger than any trees you have ever seen around here and John and I are trying to figure out what the story is behind them. Perhaps they are remnants of Mr. Webb's logging of the area. They are on the Lake of the Isles side of the island.I wonder if anyone might have any information? I know I am dragging on, but there are so many interesting aspects of the River and I guess the river water runs through my veins. I have been coming up here since I was a kid which was over forty years ago and I love it!”

Thank you John. An interesting story and much appreciated. A set of prints of Lighthouses of the 1000 Islands is on its way to you.

As the river flows through many of our veins, perhaps I should mention an event organized by The Recorder and Times, that will be held at the Brockville Arts Centre 1:00 - 5:00 on Sunday May 1st. Called “River Readings”, it brings together authors who have written books about the river as well as the Brockville area. If you’d like to attend, tickets are available from the Arts Centre - 613 342-7122.

For this month, I’ll leave you with a scene that should be recognizable to many, and therefore provide some latitude for further interesting stories:


Ian Coristine

Wallpaper April 2005

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