1000 Islands Wallpaper April 2017

1000 Islands Wallpaper April 2017

Last month’s wallpaper image showed just how early spring arrived in these parts. Now that it's officially here, I thought it might be appropriate to feature a summer image for April as it too may be closer than we think.

This is the 1000 Islands National Park’s Thwartway Island (formerly known as Leek). And these three coves are every bit as idyllic as they appear, with sandy bottoms and clear water surrounded by stunning 1000 Islands granite and pines. There’s a strip of beach in two of them, which grows as summer moves along and the water levels recede. While there aren’t many beaches in the 1000 Islands, this part of the River (between the Admiralty Islands and Grindstone) has its fair share.

Arguably the most famous, Potters Beach, is just visible at the top right where a few boats are anchored. Come on a calm summer weekend (the western exposure can make for rough water when a westerly is blowing) and you’ll find it a challenge to get your boat in to any of these beaches, as they become party central.

Please share (below) any stories you may have of these iconic places for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure.


Ian Coristine

P.S. I’ll again take the liberty of mentioning that we have a home available as a vacation rental, on the River.

1000 Islands Wallpaper April 2017

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1000 Islands Wallpaper April 2017

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