Typical of everything you do, your new website is done with overwhelming passion and commitment to giving the world a unique view of one of the world's most beautiful places. Everything you have touched over these many years I have known you is a thing of beauty and excellence. Long live the drone in the hands of The Great Coristine!

Dave O'Malley, Ottawa

Thank you for so many great pieces of art Ian.

Anthony jumeau, Spencerville

I found your beautiful book, "The very best of Ian Coristine's 1000 Islands" in the Clayton cottage I rent every August. As a river rat from the 1960s, living on my parents' boat on Calumet Island every summer, lifeguarding during the day at the then new Can-Am pool in Clayton and the public beach in Alex Bay, I love your photos and feel for the River. Thank you!

June Smith/Sterling NY

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